Safety Highlights

Amusement Management International

has an outstanding safety record and enjoys excellent relationships with many industry leaders in amusement ride safety consulting and inspection.Our number one Core Value says it all: 100% Safety

Throughout its history AMI has successfully opened and safely operated rides in over thirty-five states and five countries.

AMI developed a first in the industry Cue Card training and quizzing system to ensure the highest safety standards are deployed. Operators receive extensive, monitored training prior to being hands on with guests and attractions.

After initial training, operators review Cue Cards before being hands on. Quizzes reflect Cue Cards and operators must pass quizzes with 100% correct before moving into operations

Each year AMI management and staff attends the following certification and training programs

NAARSO – National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials
AIMS – Amusement Industry Manufacturers & Suppliers International
SKYCOASTER – Skycoaster safety seminar

Management are certified at Level I and Level II in NAARSO and AIMS and Skycoaster Senior Site Controller level

20+ year relationship with A+ rated Insurance Carrier
Kaliff Insurance – Mitchell Kaliff – (210) 839-7634

Professional relationship with industry leading safety inspectors
International Leisure Services (ILS) Joe Bixler – (206) 890-0413
Comspec – John Dodson – (614) 404-6104
Coulter Consulting – Barry Schaible – (407) 616-3471
Top Independent Ride Inspector – Dan Dudley – (410) 336-3207

Solid standing with industry leading Safety organizations: