130 Foot “Super Bungee”


Super Bungee

Your heart pounds as you look over the edge of the platform, your toes hanging out over a drop the size of a thirteen-story building. Almost mesmerized by the dizzying height, you hear the Jump Master begin to chant the countdown… 3…2…1…BUNGEE!!!

The intensity of the thrill, accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds, flying into a wide open space one hundred and thirty feet above the ground. All of a sudden the ground is rushing up, you start to think, “OH NO!” “I’m going to hit the ground!” Then a surprisingly gentle pull from the bungee cord starts to slow you down. This is the ultimate thrill and your guests remember and cherish their memories of it for the rest of their lives. There’s nothing like the satisfaction that comes with thinking ‘Been there, bungeed that!’